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Suzanne Doyle Consultancy

Music & Creative Consultancy

Tommy Tiernan

Comedian, Actor

"Suzanne worked with me for a year and I couldn’t have asked for a better colleague. She was diligent in the extreme and had an amazing eye for detail. It was a real pleasure and a great addition to have her on the team and I always felt that she could be totally trusted with whatever came up. She worked with grace, calm and great care. Nothing was ever overlooked. On a personal level I found her really easy to get on with, full of humility and good nature.


I would have no hesitation recommending her strongly for similar types of work"



"It’s hard to believe I’ve been working with Suzanne Doyle in different guises for thirty years… indeed, since The Joshua Tree she has been a place of great trust for this band. I don’t know anyone who has seen the music business from so many different vantages; recording, touring, video, new media. Fiercely protecting artists, while making sense of the cents."

Larry Masterson

Executive Producer, The Late Late Show, RTÉ Television

Suzanne Doyle has worked as the Music Executive of the Late Late Show on RTE TV for the 2015-2016 season. This season comprises 37 live shows of over two hours duration and each show includes three musical acts. The show runs from September to May each season.

Suzanne came to the Late Late Show to cover leave for a period of six months having been recommended to us following her work at the Electric Picnic festival coverage and the Imelda May Show for RTÉ TV. She arrived in to the team after the season had started and hit the ground running, quickly and seamlessly fitting into a fast moving and busy programme environment. 

It was Suzanne's role to source, book, and look after all of these acts from initial contact through broadcast and post transmission. As well as this, she was exclusively responsible for booking backline requirements, liaising with set design, lighting and sound as well as the programme producers and director, writing links and back references and providing information for social media and online content. 

Suzanne is a thorough professional with extensive and comprehensive contacts in the Irish and international music scene. She is constantly on top of music trends, upcoming touring schedules, album and single releases and fully au fait with the Late Late Show's target audience and need for musical balance within the programme. 

As such Suzanne was an enormously valuable addition to the programme team and brought a range of great Irish and international acts to the Late Late Show that we would otherwise not have had. The music booking on the show was significantly improved by Suzanne's presence, a fact that was noted by commentators and audience alike. 

Suzanne is extremely hard working, diligent, punctual, flexible and a great team player. She is enthusiastic, friendly with a great musical ear and a very professional manner. She was a great addition to the team and will be sorely missed. I look forward to working with her again on this or other projects in the near future. I have no hesitation in recommending Suzanne Doyle to any prospective employer as a valued and valuable colleague. 

The Late Late Show is Ireland's most watched TV show and the longest running live chat show in the world, running for consecutive seasons since 1962. It has an average audience share of over 40% in 2016 and has increased audience share in the past twelve months.

Kevin Godley

Director, Musician 10CC/Godley & Creme, Founder WholeWorldBand

Suzanne Doyle is a one-off. She can charm the birds off the trees or talk them into doing things birds wouldn’t normally conceive of doing unless evolution radically changes direction. 

Her unique talent, in reality, applies mostly to music and musicians. She’s inhabited this space for almost thirty years, from working with U2 and MTV to project and band management and beyond in one impressive guise or another. She understands implicitly how music people live, function, think, work and act and has an in-built radar that can separate authentic from pseudo at five hundred metres. She can also make anyone with a half decent idea feel like it’s the best one in the world and help them to make it so. 

I’ve worked with Suzanne many times over the years but very closely and intensely for the last eighteen months since she joined our fledgling start-up app company, WholeWorldBand in 2012 to head up the Talent and Artist Relations department. She gave it shape, purpose and a strongly defined rationale that has delivered over one hundred and eighty artists, credibility in spades and acted as a creative magnet for global A–list and emerging acts from every musical genre out there. Her attention to detail and duty of care to all the artists in our roster has set the WWB standard for years to come. 

The two words I most associate with Suzanne are music and commitment. Music is Suzanne’s fuel, and commitment to promoting its worth is her life’s work. Once she’s in the zone, she’s IN THE ZONE and she’ll apply that incisive, strategic brain of hers to hitting the bulls-eye on every target in sight. Summing up the success of our working relationship is easy. It hung on Suzanne’s ability to inspire and her Captain James T. Kirk-like mission ‘to boldly go where no Director of Talent and Artist Relations had gone before’...all I had to do was just hang in there and be me. 
No contest!

Suzanne Doyle you are the best.

White Horse Guitar Club

Suzanne Doyle's work with The White Horse Guitar Club for two sold-out national tours a full album and multiple single releases showcased her exceptional talents and unwavering dedication to us.Throughout the intense 14-month period, Suzanne's professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, boundless passion, and genuine care for the project was inspirational . Suzanne is honest, hardworking, and brilliant in her role, consistently delivering and exceeding our expectations. Suzanne's commitment and dedication to the band were not only inspiring but instrumental in what really were remarkable achievements for us .With her strategic brilliance and profound understanding of the complexities of the music industry, her skill ,knowledge and expertise was a huge addition to us as a band and a significant factor in the  bands  success .Furthermore, she is an all-around decent person and an invaluable asset to any project or team.


The White Horse Guitar Club

Ballsbridge College Dublin

Suzanne is inspirational as a speaker, she grabbed the students' attention from the get-go, with high-level strategic advice and everyday common sense observations about how to launch and nurture your career in the global music industry. Her level of enthusiasm, her inclusive manner and her nuggets of wisdom mean that we'll be inviting her back again. 


Ciaran Buckley, Year Head Marketing, Advertising & Entrepreneurship

Michael Kealy

Executive Producer at RTÉ

"Suzanne was a pleasure to work with on the New Year's Eve Live broadcast on RTÉ. She was hard working and creative with a really positive approach to her work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

Declan O'Rourke


Suzanne is the hardest working person I have met in this industry. She is diligent, proactive, and honest. I am very proud of what we achieved working together on the Arrivals campaign.

Tina Moran

Owner South Wind Blows

"Fantastically focused, positive and organised. A genuine contributor, full of ideas and able to refine and drive through on the specifics."

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